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Hello dear friends!

To date, fraudulent activities have become widespread on the network, they offer to receive prizes but with payment, sports forecasts, electronic currencies at a low rate, etc. They offer to receive expensive prizes allegedly which you won but are asked to transfer money. Well, think for yourself, what a healthy creature will distribute anything for free in our world now and all the more ask for money for him !? And another example, they allegedly want to add you somewhere or to some service and ask you for SMS messages that came from payment systems click, pay, etc. and in this way they will fully control your finances and withdraw all funds from there. Another old example, you will receive SMS or e-mail messages from payment systems such as (webmoney, qiwi) and are asked to follow the link to re-verify your account and are asked to log in to your login and password in the pages that appear, thus stealing from you access to your accounts. Payment system employees never send such messages. Pay attention to such messages scammers register very similar domains, for example webbmoney, webm0ney (zero place o), kiwi, q1wi, qivi, etc. Probably everyone remembers the Soviet film-tale about BURATINO and the field of miracles. What was and what has become known to all and in real life is so! You shouldn’t lose your head falling out of the “cash prize” network; get ready, you will now be asked to pay for the win! And where they ask for money from you to give you money, this is a 100% scam !
Warnings to you:

  • Always require confirmation of the identity of the person whose details you intend to transfer funds to. You can do this by making a personal call to skype, telegram, phone, or by requesting information about the opponent’s wallet status on the payment system website;
  • Never provide loans using “irrevocable” electronic payment systems. In this case, the chance to face the fact of fraud is extremely high;
  • Refuse to transfer funds owned by third parties through your own bank accounts. There are cases when such transactions for a fee led to the fact that the account holder became an accomplice in a financial crime, unaware of malicious intent on the part of fraudsters;

  • Don’t be so naive when you are offered to buy something cheaper than the cost of this product itself. For example, the cost of the latest iPhone release cannot be 2 times cheaper, this is 100% fraud! Think for yourself, it’s better to sell at 10% cheaper and sell in bulk at a time than to send you a piece and pay for delivery. Under no pretext and in general do not send money to anyone through instant messengers. If you are asked for money to get money, this is a 100% scam! They offer you a debt and ask for money to fill out an application? 100% scammer!

  • Caution scammers! Did you receive a message saying you won a large sum or that you won a green card? The next step you will be asked to pay for non-existing duties and fees for something else, do not be fooled by this scam!

  • Scammers can ask you for any fraud code from SMS that came from the banks of your UzCard, Humo, Visa and MasterCard cards. Whenever do not pass the code from SMS to third parties, even at the incoming SMS they warn about it, follow the rules for using Bank cards.

We ask you to be extremely careful not to give anyone or even the employees of the same payment systems logins and passwords, SMS codes from payment systems, be extremely careful when clicking on links in messages, and not transfer funds from unverified sources and people you don’t you know!

As they say, scammers live off of the deceived, do not let yourself be deceived by anyone, then the scammers will not!

List of new scammers:

-Telegram fraudster offers apple products for half the price: @Apple_Mafia_Bot , @teniendo

-Discount Fraudster who offers iPhones: @wowotzyv ,

-Fraudulent BC RaBet. He offers sports predictions for money and then sends it to the BC website where you win a large amount of 100%, and in order to get money from there you need to pay some non-existent taxes and others: @rabetadm ,

-The site is presented as an investment platform where you supposedly open the deposits of which you will not eventually take back. Do not be naive do not give your money to the financial pyramids. Open deposits only in banks! :

-Another MLM. They ask you for money in order to return it profitably, but at what expense they should pay you, did you think? They write that the Site has been operating since 2018 and the domain has been registered since April 2020. Do not be so naive, do not feed the crooks, think with your head before giving money. Those who have already invested in such projects immediately take everything from there, before it’s too late!

-The bot in the telegram called us, the scammers copied our names and logos and impersonates us, they see jacobo loans and credits in their bot, do not send card data to unknown services, and even more so SMS codes. if it says there: a code for attaching a card or a code for entering a personal account. Scammers get all the funds out of there! : @Kredit_moddiybot

-Site exchanger – The site does not exchange, but you simply transfer money to their wallets and in response, silence. Pay attention to the fact that they do not have details in uzkard and their contacts are not Uzbek. They also have a site identification of qiwi. :

-Fraudster presents himself as an exchanger ELVALYUTa_support Ask you for a code from SMS to add your card and then displays from there funds. Here are the accounts of which we were able to identify: +998996652126 (telegram), +998999744674 (Qiwi), 9860060116267679 and 8600032944080555 the card numbers of which he used the last time.

-Small swindler, Nazarov Ruslan Sultanovich, cheats for money, be careful when communicating with such people +998901129093 (telegram) 8600132735789750 bank. map

If you have been deceived, we ask you to immediately contact the nearest police station, you can also contact us in the same way as we work closely with the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of Tashkent.