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Now, citizens of Uzbekistan can identify their QIWI wallet up to the status of Professional!
And what gives professional status?
– The balance of the wallet is up to 600,000 rubles. (in an ordinary wallet up to 15 000 rubles)
– Raising the limit on payments and transfers to 4 million rubles per month. (in a regular wallet, the limit is up to 40 000 rubles)
– Payment is available on the websites of foreign companies: Wargaming, Steam, Skype, AliExpress, etc.

For identification, please contact the address in the telegram @uzcards_qiwi or call us at +998712001171.

It is important to know that for one person you can register up to 5 wallets!


What is qiwi identification and why is professional status needed

Qiwi wallet identification is the process of verifying the identity of a client. There are three wallet conditions in the payment system, depending on the degree of identification:

  • Minimal. It is issued to each user after registration on the site.
  • Basic. Requires you to provide personal information. Residents of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan can get it on their own online.
  • Professional. Requires you to provide personal information. To obtain the status, you must contact the identifier.


The identification process is quite simple:

  • Register at
  • Contact us for Professional status
  • Send us the required scan from us go photo documents proving your identity
  • Pay for the identification service
  • Verify the identity in your wallet. (You will receive an SMS to your phone, after which you need to confirm the fact of identification in the wallet in the identification section, confirm (enter the last 4 digits of the passport). After that, the wallet receives the status of “Professional”.)
  • Your wallet has been identified!

Full qiwi wallet verification (professional wallet status) opens all the doors to your account. Payments at all online stores where they accept kiwi, account replenishment at all online services where there is a recharge button from kiwi and most importantly you won’t think about monthly limits from kiwi and you can keep up to 600,000 rubles in your wallet and you couldn’t keep in a regular wallet more than 15,000 rubles!